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China- October 23rd - 26th

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October 23, 24th- Goa- Mumbai- Delhi- Shanghai-Beijing
Today I fly to Beijing, the cheap way...with four flights! At least I don't need to pay for food today. It took 26 hours to get to Beijing, but I arrived only an hour later than expected. The first few internal indian flights were pretty short and not so tiring. The flight from Delhi to Shanghai was five hours and the plane was empty so we got a few seats each. I even got a complimentary China Eastern blanket which i may use to lay on when i'm on the beach in Thailand rather than buying a towel...i'm getting used to this poor traveller thing! The next flight was another domestic flight from Shanghai to Beijing which was pretty quick. Taking domestic internal flights in India and China was interesting as some people on these flights had never seen a white European before, let alone a female with blonde hair. Lots of the locals stared and took pictures, although the picture taking is worse in smaller villages.
Once i had arrived Toni was already at Beijing airport waiting for me. We then got a taxi to the hotel our tour started in. In the evening we went to a local chinese restaurant with our tour group, who knew Chinese food was so spicy.

October 25th - Beijing
Our tour started today with a trip to the great wall! We took a bus to a less crowded area of the wall and climbed to the highest point. Climbing to the top took a good few hours and wasn't easy!! Some of the steps reached to above my knee. However the climb was well worth it, the view was out of this world! There is no words to really explain how amazing the great wall is, even the pictures don't do it justice, it was incredible! We climbed all the way up, came down and walked to another area of the wall where we got toboggans down to the bottom. Taking toboggans was a bit random, but very fun! Before climbing the wall our tour guide told us a famous saying in China 'No man can achieve greatness without having climbed the great wall'. You can easily see why the wall is one of the wonders of the world. The wall is one of the highlights of my trip so far. Pictures don't do it justice, its breath taking.
After the wall we went to a local chinese bazaar, there were traditional chinese lanterns lighting the streets. The markets sold a variety of things including skewered scorpions, seahorses, caterpillars, beetles and spiders! They also sold duck heart, whole cooked baby birds, snake and things (not sure what they were!). Toni and me tucked in... to a caramelised apple skewer, nothing else seemed to appeal to us. After the local market we went and saw a Kung Fo show, which was interesting. We got a local bus (they have TVs in!) and the subway to a restaurant. Chinese food is very different from home, but also still very oily. Today was a great day, i'm so glad i managed to get to the top of the wall..it was definitely a challenge!

October 26- Beijing
We went to the forbidden city, Tinerman square and the Temple of Heaven this morning. Tinerman square is the biggest city square in China, every night thousands of people go there to watch the flag being raised. The forbidden city and the temple of heaven were enjoyable, but didn't touch on the Indian temples.
On the way back from dinner we saw some local chinese people with glow sticks and dancing in sync to pop music outside of a church. At first we weren't sure why lots of old people had gathered randomly to dance. We realised that it was a dance group setup to help the locals exercise. We decided it would be fun to give it a go, so we joined in. They thought it was quite funny, gave us glow sticks and tried to teach us the dance moves. We had so much fun dancing with the locals! Very strange, China is a world away from home.

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I'm so glad you're having a ball sis! Keep us all updated. All my love xx

by Jen

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